Saturday, August 02, 2008

Mind The Gap

Woo hoo!! London Town. We arrived after an uneventful flight from Sydney about 4 days ago. Not much problem with j lag but last night was my best sleep yet. We are flying to Aberdeen this morning for a work start on Tuesday. It's been marvellous having a few days off. The last couple of weeks and days in Canberra were absolutely manic. Mostly packing and cleaning. We have successfully rented our house out. A lady vet from New Zealand will take up residence in about a week.

London is 'ot and steamy. By hot I mean mid to high 20s which believe me is plenty. Any hotter and there would be deaths, I am convinced of it. We have done a number of touristy things with Tracey's sister. Been to the Tate Modern and viewed the art, numerous tube trips, walked all over the West End, took a day trip to Brighton and saw that marvellous sea side town (along with half a million londoners and about 2 million other foreigners).

Getting used to pounds and pence slowly. They still have penny pieces as legal tender. Absolutely marvellous public transport system in the buses and trains. One swipe card will take you everywhere. Although the tube at rush hour is a thing to avoid!!

Still can't believe I am actually here, have to keep pinching myself. Looking forward to starting work and meeting new people. Starting a new job is one of my favourite times, it's crucial to setting you up for the remainder of your time there. Really looking forward to a snowy cold christmas where it isn't a crime against nature to have hot food. So indoctrinated :)