Thursday, May 12, 2005

Moving. Big time.

We are leaving Sydney. I shall have to change my blog title to a Bruce from Canberra; when I get there. If you know Australia you will know that Canberra is the national capital and high in the mountains, very cold in winter, hot in summer and beautiful springs and autumns; whereas Sydney is a global city situated on the east coast, with a temperate climate, a beautiful harbour and a set of great beaches. Well why the fcuk [sic] are you leaving I hear you chorus. Hmmm. Well to keep it short, we have only lived here for a short time (4 years) and have never really settled in properly. We came from Canberra, where we have lived for most of our adult lives; and our children were born there. It holds better employment opportunities for me, and is much more family friendly. It's much more affordable and we have a lot of close friends there still.

We are looking forward to our return.


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