Thursday, January 13, 2005

Oddly Enough

I haven't been trying to lose weight however it appears I have. I feel lighter. My wife gave me a nice pair of shorts for Christmas with the size based on what I would normally take but I could take them off without undoing the waist. Cool. That hasn't happened in some time. My work trousers feel like they could fall down if I wasn't wearing a belt. Embarrassing. That hasn't happened in some time either.

So without trying to lose weight I seem to have lost some from around my waist but the oddest thing is that I also seem to have lost weight from my feet! ?? My lovely German "echtes leder" slip on shoes that I bought ten years ago especially for my wedding, and did not subsequently wear again for another eight years, are starting to feel loose on my feet. They were comfortable and are now loose. I shall have to get thicker socks!


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