Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Twenty Oh Five

Please accept the usual felicitations for the New Year. I hope you are all still there; and that none of you seriously resolved to quit blogging, or reading blogs. I tried to stay up but fell asleep about 11pm; still I was the last one standing as it were. That day (new year's eve) I had driven for six hours to Tamworth where my brother lives. The last hour was spent with a couple of ferals in't back seat. They had gone pretty well up until then. We had a couple of days there and then came back. My brother has a small farm, a wife and three boys. When we get there our boys virtually disappear for the duration. We see them at meals and bed time but otherwise they are gone and don't want to know us. They are full of their cousins and the things you can get up to in the bush. Bliss.


Blogger Ariel Moon said...

Good to hear from you, Bruce! Hope you had a great New Year!

4:05 pm  

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