Monday, March 28, 2005

Drowning Not Waving

Ok. It has been a while. Drowning in work at the moment although this should start to slacken soon. Whatever spare time I have had I've devoted to family rather than blogging. It's Easter Monday and I have had a good weekend. My sister-in-law is out from the UK for a short trip (and she has taken the boys out to the Royal Easter Show), my wife is at work in the cafe (if you are in Coogee then the best food and coffee is at The Globe, honest). So I am taking some time to catch up on a bit of personal stuff, you know, me, not family, not work, just me. Hope you have had a great Easter, I know the boys have becoz they have this ostentatiously large pile of chocolate on their bedroom table. Neatly divided of course into separate piles for which each can recognise those minute little marks that mean "this one is mine not yours". Another thing I have discovered is Warblade, a shoot 'em up game for the PC. Extremely addictive, beware if you chase it down. I am only just keeping one step ahead of my eldest son in the honours stakes. We are nothing near the top ranks that you can see on the web however we are having a great deal of fun (when my wife lets us of course). See you again soon.


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