Wednesday, May 11, 2005


This morning, as I walked the boys to school, we passed the set of telephone boxes at the corner of Brook St and Coogee Bay Rd in Coogee. As we came to the one nearest the corner a young woman started yelling into the phone. "A year! A year!", she yelled, "A whole fucking year of hardcore love!" We walked past and the boys were still asking me questions so I didn't hear the next point however we didn't get much further before she began yelling hysterically, unintelligibly almost; the tears and anger and lost love were so desparately apparent. We continued to hear her loss and rage at a distance of 40 yards. My youngest asked me what was the matter with her. I made the assumption that she was being dumped by her lover over the phone. I tried to explain this in simple terms for him. It may have worked as he didn't ask me anymore questions about her.

I said a small prayer that the rest of her day might prove better however the depth of her emotions was so strong that it didn't seem possible.


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