Monday, July 19, 2010


An interesting word, and to be provided with a fine definition for it all you need to do is watch the Masterchef Australia episode of Monday 19 July 2010. Never in my life have I seen six fine people so ritually humiliated as I have on tonight's show. The pressure test could not have been better calculated to make fools of aspiring talent. The more cluey contestants even wondered what was going on. The sheer divide between the expected result and the contestants offerings was so stark as to make anyone wonder. One judge even referred to their efforts as similar to kids mucking around. As soon as the Zumbo walked in with the cake from fairy land I knew that the only object of the program was utterly humiliate the remaining contestants and then on some pretext kick one of them from the show. And so it proved to be. The contestants were so out classed and intimidated by the Zumbo and his cake (the Zumbo openly laughed at some of their efforts), that the judges may as well have paraded them down Pitt Street at lunch time, dressed in rags, pelting food at them and shouting abuse for being amateur cooks who dared aspire to something better. Talk about being set up to fail. I felt sick and angry at the spectacle. I am ashamed of the judges and the producers of the show for the lack of finesse and creativity they displayed in tonight's effort. It was amateurish television. Badly done Ten, badly done.


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