Saturday, November 14, 2009

Natural Selection

I think I had a eureka moment in the garden just now. It stemmed from earlier today when I was listening to ABC Radio while doing some computing. Geraldine Doogue was hosting a forum on the future of the coal industry in Australia and everyone was getting in on the act. Politicians, unionists, coal mining execs, workers, workers family, everybody. Debate was lurching to and fro on the impact of burning coal on global warming. However in the debate they missed something: Charles Darwin. Clever chap really; and his theory is very elegant. Some creatures are better adapted to survive because they have evolved some new trait or ability that can harness changing circumstances.

Well I think that his theory will ultimately determine the efficacy of our responses to self induced global warming. If the people in power don't get it right then natural selection will weed most of us out. Really sad when I think of my young boys, and their children and children's children. The good old GFC (Global Financial Crisis), has quite amply demonstrated our credentials and penchant for greed; right down to the base level, not just the people who started it. So what chance do we have when we get mother nature pissed off. Life is going to be much simpler in a couple hundred years. Harsher, probably, but simpler; and the richness of humanity will still be there flourishing in ways we cannot possibly imagine. Just like the people of 200 hundreds years ago could not imagine in their wildest dreams the society of today.


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